The practice of relationship-centered leadership offers invitations grounded in holy listening that develop trust and make collaboration the natural outcome. I recognize and encourage opportunities that lead to active mission grounded in healthy spiritual community.

The blessing of the future is a gift from our past experience mediated by our present reflection. Engaging best practices that lead to listening to God and each other form the basis for deepening faith, embracing hope, and sharing love.

Video examples of the practice of relationship-centered leadership

  • When you view the sermon preached on February 23, 2014, you will see a congregation and pastor living these values as they explore Balcony Perspective in preparation for Lent.
  • When you view the teaching offered on March 26, 2014, you will join me as I explore my personal learning from my doctoral work and apply it in a class setting to a more personal exploration of Spiritual (Ascetical) Theology as expressed in the Eight Deadly Thoughts. The title of the teaching is “Reflection-in-Action Practices that Influence Response to the Anxiety Expressed in the Eight Deadly Thoughts.
  • When you view the VBS Intro video for the June 23-27 Workshop of Wonders Vacation Bible School at Christ Church, New Bern, you will see leadership that uses technology to communicate to younger children as well as signify support for the adults who have taken on the responsibility for organizing the Vacation Bible School