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You are invited to explore this website and determine if my 30 years of ordained leadership experience can be of service in the form of workshops, consulting, and guiding transitions (both personal and corporate). 2019 will be a year of discovery for me as I work as a member of the faculty of the Interim Ministry Network, serve as supply clergy, and develop my thinking concerning the Enneagram and self-reflective practice. Contact me a

Over the next few months my websites and information will eventually coalesce under By the fall I hope to have in place a podcast entitled “Of Use.” My goal is to invite two guests per podcast from the various ministry relationships I have developed over thirty years to discuss questions such as: “What was ‘of use’ that you learned in seminary?” “What became ‘of use’ that you learned as you engaged ordained ministry?” How are you ‘of use’ and in harmony with the principles that guide your vocation?”
I would very interested to learn who might want to participate in the podcast. Your insight into developing this discussion tool will help the underlying value of teaching those in pastoral ministry how to be on the dance floor while observing the action from the balcony.

Sermon for The Second Sunday After Easter
(Proper 7 Year C) preached at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church Washington, North Carolina – Sunday, June 23, 2019. This sermon can viewed at

Sermon for The Seventh Sunday of Easter: The Sunday After the Ascension
(7 Easter Year C) preached at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church Washington, North Carolina – Sunday, June 2, 2019. This sermon can viewed at

Sermon for The Third Sunday In Lent
(3 Lent Year C) preached at St. Christopher’s Episcopal Church Havelock, North Carolina – Sunday, March 24, 2019. This my first sermon since I retired in September 2018. I am grateful to the wonderful people at St. Christopher’s for the invitation to celebrate and preach on this day.
This sermon can viewed at

Video Teaching
8 Deadly Thoughts and the Yellow Pad Discipline

  • When you view the teaching offered on March 26, 2014, you will join me as I explore my personal learning from my doctoral work (2014) apply it in a class setting to a more personal exploration of Spiritual (Ascetical) Theology as expressed in the Eight Deadly Thoughts utilizing a practice I call the Yellow Pad Discipline (YPD). The title of the teaching is Reflection-in-Action Practices that Influence Response to the Anxiety Expressed in the Eight Deadly Thoughts.

Video teaching
Adaptive Practice in Conversation with the Enneagram

  • I offered this teaching offered June 7, 2016 entitled Adaptive Practice in Conversation with the Enneagram as a workshop at the Interim Ministry Network Annual Conference. The audio is my commentary on the work linking the deep biographies of the nine Enneagram types with the Reflection in Action Synthesis (RiAS) I developed as part of my doctoral studies. Slides reinforce the audio. Find resources and presentation description on the Practice-Enneagram page.