The practice of relationship-centered leadership offers invitations grounded in holy listening that develop trust and make collaboration the natural outcome. I recognize and then encourage opportunities that lead to active mission grounded in healthy spiritual community.

The blessing of the future is a gift from our past experience mediated by our present reflection. Engaging best practices that lead to listening to God and each other form the basis for deepening faith, embracing hope, and sharing love. Ongoing self-study is one such practice. My Doctor of Ministry thesis is about integrating the practice of adaptive leadership entitled Intrapersonal intelligence mediated by self-reflective adaptive practice that manages anxiety: Learning to lead by giving space. Over the last five years, I’ve developed tools and images that help me manage my high level of energy while I observe my leadership behavior. I now listen for and then ignite an idea that leads to change by giving space for that idea to combust. I balance my intuitive preference with sensate note-taking supported by the image of blowing gently on the coals while encouraging others to bring wood to make a roaring fire. I have come to learn that providing the matches only gets things started and that making the warmth of the fire accessible to everyone calls for group effort. While I offer invitations that might be refused, I continue to learn, adapt and minimize unintended consequences when I listen carefully to others and myself.

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